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A Rainbow Birthday

As promised, here is The Bundle’s fourth birthday party! The theme was rainbows, and if you follow me on pinterest, you already knew that, because I planned it way ahead of time 😉

The party turned out good, although, I ended up not making enough food or cake. I hadn’t even finished decorating when the guests started to arrive, either!  Looking back, it was a successful party, even if it didn’t turn out how it “looked” in my head.

We had it inside, because it was just too disgustingly hot outside. I had planned on it being outside, with a beautiful rainbow made of balloons swaying in the wind… sigh…sometimes you can’t have it all.

Veggie cups with dip at the bottom.

The favors had chocolate coins in them.


A coral, mint and gold birthday party.

I wanted to keep things pretty simple with this party, a few homemade decorations, some snacks and cupcakes and that was it. To my mother, however, a party is not a party unless food is served. She volunteered to help me cook the food, which ended up being a lot more work than I wanted, but it turned out delicious.

I don’t like character (cartoon) themed parties, so I will stay away from them as long as I can…. or at least until the girls start choosing their own themes. The theme for this party was simple, just colors! Coral and mint with accents of gold.

The party was at the same park as the Ninja Birthday for The Bundle’s third. I love that little park because there is never anyone there. Except this time, there was a group of moms with their toddlers when we arrived to set up….

The goodie bags were closed with tiny clothes pins with gold glitter on them. Aren’t they the cutest?!

I think I spent the most time making the toppers for the cupcakes. I spray painted them gold first, but I wanted them be a little more sparkly, so I added gold glitter glue. It didn’t occur to me, until they were done, that they might actually sell gold glittery paper at a craft store!

The cupcakes were delicious, oh my. They were from Smitten Kitchen, Roasted Apple Spice Sheet Cake, this recipe is definitely one to keep!

The paper flowers were so fun to make! So unlike myself, I had them finished like a week or two before the party, yay! I hung them above the cupcake table, but I didn’t get a good picture of them them.

Only this one:

The party turned out great. Small and intimate and fun. The sprinklers came on right where were had set up, though, but the men came to the rescue and moved the tables and somehow managed to keep the sprinklers from us while they were going.

Sister Lou, though, wasn’t so lucky. She jumped on a puddle, slipped and landed on her head. Poor birthday girl! She got her dress soaked! She enjoyed her cupcake nonetheless 😉 Tata came to rescue with his perfect gift: a bumble bee costume. Perfect, she enjoyed the rest of the party dressed as a bee.

Sister Lou’s first birthday party.

Oh! I realize I never shared The Bundle’s 4th from this past June! Hopefully before this baby comes, I can get around to sharing it!

A Pumpkin Party for The Pumpkin


We had The Pumpkin’s birthday party yesterday, it was, well, disastrous, but very, very fun! We had the party at home, outside on an empty, flat spot. The perfect spot…or so we thought, the place was covered in fire ants, we didn’t notice the giant ant hill the day before when we started setting up the pumpkin patch. The Bundle, a little boy and I all got bit by the ants! Despite the “inconvenience”, we managed to have fun.

Here it is: The Pumpkin Patch Party.

I found lots of ideas and inspiration for the party on Pinterest, if you’ve never checked it out, do it! You’ll be obsessed in no time. The little tissue paper pumpkins were the little candy favors, just the right size for a handful of candy.

My little Pumpkin is one!

We had wagon “hay rides” …

…and delicious food. We made grilled chicken marinated overnight in a honey-balsamic-lime vinaigrette made by The Man, potato salad and green bean salad (with Tata’s green beans).

Another “disaster” happened with the cake, I was planning on making a really cute shape of a pumpkin but I tried (and changed) a recipe that I had never tried before. Oh well, you live and learn. Oh, I accidentally purposely forgot to take a picture of it. But I did get one of the cute little one for the Pumpkin. The yummy homemade coconut milk frosting was made by Auntie Sissy!

She was a little scared of everyone watching her and singing loudly 😉

And then, we lit the candle. Right in front of everyone, in the blink of an eye, The Pumpkin reached and grabbed the fire! Poor little Pumpkin, she had been so excited for her cake and didn’t want to eat it after that.

She got a brand new caaar! Thanks, Mawni and Papa 😉 She loves it, and so does The Bundle. While sitting in the car yesterday evening, she said, “I love getting new presents.” She didn’t specify whose 😉

The Pumpkin did get to have some fun with the cake later!

We had a blast. Now I’m bracing myself for tomorrow, I might just cry that my baby is turning one!