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Learning Time

We are nearing the time for the Bundle to start formal education, and I still had not made a firm decision on whether I was going to homeschool or not. The Man was even on board, but truthfully I felt intimidated and kind of scared. It is such a big responsibility, plus, what if I get into a rut and can’t get myself to “teach”.


All those fears went away this particular morning when we sat down at the dining table to have some unofficial learning time. The Bundle has a very strong desire for learning, but she doesn’t see it as such. In her eyes, she is just playing, doing what she does.


She is so interested in reading and writing lately and she is daily asking me how to write certain words. I love the use of technology for this purpose. She would use a phonics app to sound pronounce the word and she would write it on a piece of paper.

This gave me a glimpse of how beautiful learning at home will be, free, without restrictions or rules telling her how or what or when to learn something. Alway at her pace, her interests!

I have, with The Man’s input, selected a curriculum we will be using as a guidance with a more open and unchooling approach. I hope we can attend a homeschool convention this year and start schooling officially in late summer. I am excited!



Snow in the desert

Wednesday we had a very rare sight here in the desert. We woke up to a delightful winter storm and got some snow!



By the time we got bundled up to go outside, the snow had already melted, so we drove to the nearest town, which is right under the big mountains.



The Bundle was full of contagious joy. I was reminded of the awe and amazement “ordinary” things like snow can seem through a child’s eyes.




We stopped by a rural road to play in the snow. I will never forget this magical day.





Our cue to go home was The Bundle’s need to go potty. 😉

The Wagon


The other day was one of those magical days that you want to remember forever.


These little kiddos were playing at Nana and Tata’s “farm”, some way or another they came up with the brilliant idea of tying the wagon to the bicycle…and that is where the magic began.


This, this is what childhood is about, learning through play. I was so in love with what my eyes were witnessing that I grabbed my camera and chased them around snapping pictures.


Children do not need fancy toys, all they need is the right terrain to sprout their imaginations.




Dispite the age difference among them, they came together to play and discover, the big ones taking turn on the bike, the little ones sharing the wagon and making sure everyone grabbed on. This, my friends, is free learning at its best.


I even joined the fun!