Bundle-led play.

 I’ve been reading a lot about “unschooling” lately. Unschooling is a form of homeschooling where you don’t really follow a curriculum, you expose your children to different opportunities to where they will want to explore and learn more about a subject. It sound fascinating. I’ve always wanted to homeschool my children, and this just seems like it would be so great. I’m still trying to convince The Man about homeschooling, so I haven’t even mentioned unschooling, yet…  If you are insterested in unschooling, look it up, do some research, there is so much more to it.

Inspired by this, I’ve been purposely letting the Bundle leed me in our play. Child-led play. This is the account of a beautiful afternoon we spent together.

After dinner, I started doing dishes and the Bundle said she wanted to go outside. So I opened the kitchen door that leads outside and we sat down on the steps. It wasn’t long before her wheels began turning. She picked up a rock and exclaimed “I ppffound it, Mama, dook!” She showed it to me and I tell her how pretty it is and describe the rock to her, and put it down on the step. She quickly “pinds” another one and hands it to me. Soon, we have a nice line of rocks going. She picks them all up and decides she wants to line them up, so she does, counting “One, four, five..”  


After a while of playing with the rocks, I can’t ignore the itch to get my camera any longer, so I run inside and grab it. She quickly follows me and grabs her own and starts snapping pictures of me.



She tires of the picture taking, and looks for something else to do…


             A light bulb goes off and she runs inside, screaming “boll, boll”, and comes back with a green ball. (I think she got the pronounciation of ball from Nana’s accented English).


 She throws it to me and I thow it back and she laughs hysterically when I have to go get it. Every. Single. Time.  “Go get it,” she tells me. My heart swells up and bursts with love! She is talking so much lately, with sentences! 



  Later, she runs  inside  yet again to find another toy to play with. While I wait for her, I look into the distance at the sunset and I feel overwhelmed. I’m a sucker for sunsets. The rays of sunshine stabbing their way though the clouds. Beautiful.

In that moment, I feel the presence of God. In the breathtaking sunset, in warm breeze blowing, in my daughter’s laughter. I worship God through it all.



  She comes back and has another ball with her, this time a much bigger and softer ball. We enjoy some more time throwing it back and forth to each other. I take in her laughter, I’m in awe of how much joy a simple ball game brings her and I’m in love. As simple as that.


  Yes, I think free learning suits us very well.





5 thoughts on “Bundle-led play.

  1. Betsy

    You might want to read some of the stuff by Raymond and Dorothy Moore. I just read “Home-Style Teaching”. Excellent stuff! They encourage you to postpone any “formal” education to at least 9 or 10 years-old. They’ve done extensive research in the area of early childhood education and its harm on our children. I was very inspired by it! If your man is pretty sceptical about homeschooling and such, you might like their book called “Better Late Than Early”. I’ve not read it yet, but apparently, that’s they book they wrote about all their research on the subjects of early childhood education (meaning before 9 or 10) and homeschooling. Let me know how it comes along for you! What stuff have you been reading about “unschooling”?

  2. ss Post author

    Thanks, Betsy, your recommendations sound pretty interesting, I will definitely look those up. Most, if not all, of my reading so far has been online on unschooling sites and fellow bloggy ladies who unchool their children.


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