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Lovin’ List

A Lovin’ List, a list where I like to remember things, moments that I am loving at the moment. Things that stand out from our daily routine, extraordinary things. In other words, listing blessings.

Right now I’m lovin’:

  • Watching awesome thunderstorms roll off the mountains to the North. Even if the storm itself never makes it to us, the simple act in watching it brings pleasure.

  • Simple spinach, arugula and strawberry salads with homemade honey-balsamic vinaigrette. My gracious, I can’t get enough.

  • Finding a cute little girl “reading” by herself in her room.

  • Delicious curried veggies over brown rice to accompany my salad. Mmm.

  • the interest The Bundle has recently acquired in taking photographs. Of course, Mama is so very proud. The only thing I had to do on this photo was up the contrast a bit!

  • finding said little girl working on her computer.

Right now I’m lovin’ life.