She’s Becoming a Mama

Sometimes I’m amazed by the lessons I learn from my children. Before I became a mother, I never expected to learn so much through them, I just dreamed of everything I wanted to teach them. A few months ago, when the weather was cooler and we were stuck indoors most of the day, The Bundle was making choo-choo trains with our dining chairs, I was taking pictures on and off, and then went into the next room, to use the computer. Then a few minutes later, she comes by, with a baby doll and asks me to help her put her baby in her shirt.


This is babywearing at its finest.


Then I became a spectator, witnessing a very tender and private moment between a mother and her child. She rocked her baby back and forth, providing comfort. My heart melted, and I felt a rush, glad I was able to forever capture this sweet moment.

It dawned on me, right then, that a woman doesn’t become a mother at the moment she conceives a child. No, she becomes a mother slowly, by learning and watching from her older generations.

My two year old daughter is already a mother.

She’s becoming a Mama.

She sits her babies at the table.


And yes, she’s doing what it looks like she is doing. She is breastfeeding her babies.

That night I prayed to God that I would be able to always have a gentle spirit, and be godly model for my daughters. They are always watching. Watching the gentle, loving ways. As well as my darkest moments.

I pray daily that I’m constantly reminded to be an example, because my daughter is already a mother.


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