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Her cheeks are delicious.


My poor little Granoly has her first cold right now. She was sneezing a lot this morning by the time of her afternoon nap, she was so congested she couldn’t breathe while trying to nurse. It is so heartbreaking to see your little ones sick.


Tomorrow they’ll be lots of cuddles and I am sure there’s a long night ahead of us.




Four Months Old

You are 4 months old today! Wow, seriously, my lady, where is time going?

You are still as sweet as ever. You laugh quite a bit now and you really enjoy your big sister playing with you. We have to watch her because she thinks she is stronger than she is and likes to pick you up and carry you!


You babble so much and you are constantly chewing on your hands and anything else that you can get your hands on.


Your hair is so wild and out of control, it is so cute! You got your first “pony tail” this month. You are not very interested in tummy time or rolling… You are perfectly content in the bouncer or bumbo watching everybody around you.


You still spit up often, you bathe Daddy and me quite often! You once spit up right as I was kissing your lovely lips. Yum!


You are growing too fast, my little lumpia…. I am trying to live every moment and enjoy your most precious and fleeting times.

Love, Mama.


Three Months


My sweet Granoly you are three months old already!

I so enjoy your warming smiles you give me in exchange for mine. Your chuckle-y laugh is so cute! It has become our routine, every time I change your diaper, you know I am going to kiss-tickle you in your underarm as soon as I lift your arm.


Every new milestone gets harder and harder for me, my love. They are bitter-sweet because I love seeing you grow but it saddens me that they might be my last firsts.



Your sisters, oh your sisters love you so. I love seeing how much they love you and want to hold you and carry you and change you. Your oldest sister is keeping a mental list of all your milestones. “Smile, check. Laugh, check. Roll over, check.”



I love your sweet milky scent, your unruly hair that is finally long enough to not stick straight up. Your kissable lips, observant self, and overall sweet nature.


I thank God everyday for blessing me with you.