Tata and the Garden Wars

My father (Tata) proudly holding his homegrown Romain lettuce.

My dad has grown a garden every year for as long as I can remember, it is from him where I get my love of gardening.

This year, though, when I was finally serious and got some actual fruit from my work in the garden, we made it a competition. It was never an official, on-each- other-faces-competition, no, it was the silent kind, more intense.

We both planted tomatoes around the same time, I can’t recall now whose plants got the first little green tomato (I bet it was mine), but we would send pictures of our garden’s progress through text. Every day.

Then the tomatoes started getting red, his started splitting, so I would send back pictures of my beautifully smooth, red tomatoes.

My tomato vine.

When he sent a picture of his ears of corn, not having planted any myself, I sent back a picture of my awesome zucchinis. He didn’t have any zucchinis at that time.

On and on we went all season long. Sharing our work and sometimes, a witty rebuttal. The competition got ugly when we got The Bundle involved, asking her which tomatoes tasted better, and which garden was the prettiest. Poor Bundle, she tried to be diplomatic.

Cucumber bloom


This year’s garden brought us together, ironically enough, our “rivalry” made us bond. My favorite part about it though, was seeing the joy my father had when The Bundle tried one of his carrots, the lessons she is learning about how fruit and vegetables are grown, when a lot of grown people have no idea what a bell pepper plant looks like.

Onion in bloom

Who knew how beautiful onion plants really are?

Baby squash

Freaky, deformed carrot

But the best part, is that we are creating memories that will last the rest of our lives. Hopefully one day, The Bundle will think back and have fond memories of picking tomatoes with Tata.

Yes, that is me, and I am very excited for my first tomato.


Tata's onions

My onions

Tiny bean pod.

We are very committed to our gardening, my dad had me go in between his corn and the fence to check out a random potato plant growing in that tight spot.

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