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Friends, I am moving. No, not another real-life, house move. A virtual move. Of this blog.


It’s been a long time coming. Back in the beginning of 2011, I bought a domain, with Dreamhost, but my technology-cripple self could not get the darn thing to work. So I gave up and cancelled my account, but Dreamhost kept my domain hostage! I have tried time and time again to undo my wrong, but I could not get it work.

So I’m saying goodbye to WordPress. It’s bitter-sweet, because I love it for many reasons, but Blogger offers a lot more customization for my blog and for free, and most importantly, for way easier.

So don’t forget to change it,  to bookmark the new address, and change it on your reader or bloglovin, or anywhere else.

Click here for my spankin’ new blog.

Oh, and maybe leave me some love? The comments did not import so it looks like I have been talking to myself for two and a half years. Mmmkk… now GO!



Saucy Faces

Sometimes, we eat spaghetti.

Did you know that grains, unless properly prepared, can actually be bad for your health, particularly your gut? For this reason, we try to not consume a lot of grains/pastas unless we soak them, but sometimes, you gotta go with the cheapest option 😉

It was not only yummy, but also fun to photograph! I love their saucy faces.







Her cheeks are delicious.


My poor little Granoly has her first cold right now. She was sneezing a lot this morning by the time of her afternoon nap, she was so congested she couldn’t breathe while trying to nurse. It is so heartbreaking to see your little ones sick.


Tomorrow they’ll be lots of cuddles and I am sure there’s a long night ahead of us.



Learning Time

We are nearing the time for the Bundle to start formal education, and I still had not made a firm decision on whether I was going to homeschool or not. The Man was even on board, but truthfully I felt intimidated and kind of scared. It is such a big responsibility, plus, what if I get into a rut and can’t get myself to “teach”.


All those fears went away this particular morning when we sat down at the dining table to have some unofficial learning time. The Bundle has a very strong desire for learning, but she doesn’t see it as such. In her eyes, she is just playing, doing what she does.


She is so interested in reading and writing lately and she is daily asking me how to write certain words. I love the use of technology for this purpose. She would use a phonics app to sound pronounce the word and she would write it on a piece of paper.

This gave me a glimpse of how beautiful learning at home will be, free, without restrictions or rules telling her how or what or when to learn something. Alway at her pace, her interests!

I have, with The Man’s input, selected a curriculum we will be using as a guidance with a more open and unchooling approach. I hope we can attend a homeschool convention this year and start schooling officially in late summer. I am excited!


Four Months Old

You are 4 months old today! Wow, seriously, my lady, where is time going?

You are still as sweet as ever. You laugh quite a bit now and you really enjoy your big sister playing with you. We have to watch her because she thinks she is stronger than she is and likes to pick you up and carry you!


You babble so much and you are constantly chewing on your hands and anything else that you can get your hands on.


Your hair is so wild and out of control, it is so cute! You got your first “pony tail” this month. You are not very interested in tummy time or rolling… You are perfectly content in the bouncer or bumbo watching everybody around you.


You still spit up often, you bathe Daddy and me quite often! You once spit up right as I was kissing your lovely lips. Yum!


You are growing too fast, my little lumpia…. I am trying to live every moment and enjoy your most precious and fleeting times.

Love, Mama.