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Friends, I am moving. No, not another real-life, house move. A virtual move. Of this blog.


It’s been a long time coming. Back in the beginning of 2011, I bought a domain, with Dreamhost, but my technology-cripple self could not get the darn thing to work. So I gave up and cancelled my account, but Dreamhost kept my domain hostage! I have tried time and time again to undo my wrong, but I could not get it work.

So I’m saying goodbye to WordPress. It’s bitter-sweet, because I love it for many reasons, but Blogger offers a lot more customization for my blog and for free, and most importantly, for way easier.

So don’t forget to change it,  to bookmark the new address, and change it on your reader or bloglovin, or anywhere else.

Click here for my spankin’ new blog.

Oh, and maybe leave me some love? The comments did not import so it looks like I have been talking to myself for two and a half years. Mmmkk… now GO!



The Camping Trip, part 1

We miraculously packed enough food for three days, clothes, pillows, blankets and every other camping necessity into our little sedan. Every nook and cranny of that vehicle was packed. When we turned back, all we could see of the girls were their heads peeking out. They thought it was the funnest thing.

Off we went, up the mountains in search of cooler weather. I took picture after picture from inside the car of the lovely scenery. Look at all that green!

The girls entertained themselves with some fun car toys. We stopped once along the way, because Mama needs frequent potty breaks these days 😉

The higher we went, the more green and wildflowers we saw. Aaah, if it wasn’t for the snow, I would love to live up there. It was also monsoon season, so clouds were rolling in every direction all day long.

We found our campground online listed as number 3 on a top 100 best campgrounds in our state. The sites were awesome! Not too off the grid for these camping amateurs.

As soon as we finished setting up our campsite, we got rain, thankfully we had canopy with us so we had a quick lunch and then went inside our tent because the girls got cold. Cold! I was so excited to get some relief from the long summer heat.

The little storm quickly passed and just like that the sun was out, bringing its warmth back. It was crazy and hard to take consistent photographs in the constantly-changing lighting.

The girls were loving the outdoors. Their favorie activity was picking wildflowers.

We then walked down to the lake to explore before dinner. The lake was beautiful, and we promised The Bundle we would fish the following day. She was so eager to fish with her daddy.

It soon began to get really windy, the girls complained that is was cold, and we realized that there was a pretty big storm coming from the south, and another just as big from the north. Uh-oh, we gathered up and went back to our camp to start the fire for dinner before it got any closer.

Little did we know that that was not the biggest storm we would get….

To be continued…


We finally found a house to move to, we have seen God’s perfect timing and plans unfold in such a beautiful way in this whole process! We move in the beginning of next month, just a little bit more than a month before the expected arriaval of Girly #3. Phew…. it was getting too close for comfort! We are so very grateful for friends and family that offered up their houses to give birth in, we got 5 diffrent offers when we were not sure if we would move into my parents’ house, making it a little too far from the hospital, which made me uncomfortable in case of an emergency!  It is nice to know we have such caring people around us!

18 Months and Catch-up

The little Pumpkin will be two next month, I can’t believe it! Time has a way of quietly escaping our grasp and before we know it, we find ourselves looking back in amazement.

Almost a half a year ago, we celebrated her half birthday. Just The Pumpkin, her big sister and I. We made chocolate coconut flour cupcakes and enjoyed her one a half years of life.


The cupcakes were an experimentation of mine. They looked better than they tasted.

The Pumpkin seemed to enjoy them though.

So much has been going on in our lives that it’s hard to think of where to begin catching you up on it! We are impending a big move. We knew it was going to happen sometime, we just didn’t know the exact timing. Our rental is being foreclosed, so we have to find a new living space. It’s a bit overwhelming, trying to find an affordable house in a short amount of time, all while 30 weeks pregnant and planning a homebirth! We are trusting in the Lord for His provision and His perfect timing.
We also have not had an internet connection at our house for about a month now, which was one major contributing factor to my absence.

I don’t expect to be able to post regularly until we have moved, but I will try. I have been wanting to share about our first “real” camping trip we took a week ago! It was so much fun!

Fancy Juice

Sometime during my hiatus, the whole household fell into sickness. For two weeks. It was after the Bundle’s sickness, so you can bet we were pretty annoyed. Mawnie and Papa, The Man’s parents, were staying with us for three weeks before they moved all the way across the ocean to The Big Island of Hawaii, yeah, pretty lucky duckies. Every one, including them got the flu. Thankfully, (for us) Papa got the worst of it.

In an attempt to cheer the girls up, we made some pineapple-mango-orange juice, trying to take in as many needed-vitamins as possible. I also sneaked some vitamin C powder in it.

And to make it special, I put it in “fancy” cups.

We might be having more fancy juice around here 😉

Christmas Morning

Christmas felt rushed and busy this year. Mostly because it was on a Sunday and we had only about 15 minutes for “our” Christmas before getting ready for church.


As every year, we spent Christmas’ eve with my family, stayed until around midnight, drove home, went to bed and tried to wake up early enough to have some time together. Why do we do this again?



We do not get our children lavish gifts.We don’t want to teach them to be materialistic like the world is today. We want them to appreciate and truly grasp the meaning of Christmas. All without dozens of toys that will not only clutter the house but overstimulate their developing brains.

This year we got them both their own Kleen Kanteens (super cute!), a castle play tent (to share) and a little puppy that whimpers for The Pumpkin, and a magnetic dress-up doll  and plastic binoculars for The Bundle.

The most exciting moments were looking at The Pumpkin’s excited face when she opened her puppy and hearing the Bundle exclaim “That is just what I wanted!” (Even though she never asked for a stainless steel water bottle 😉 )

We also did tiny stockings, The Pumpkin is too small still, so she didn’t get anything in hers- actually I think we put a piece of chocolate (quite a treasure). The Bundle’s had a few little trinkets like a jump rope and magnets for the fridge.




After church we had another round of Christmas at The Man’s family’s house. Pheww… it makes me tired just thinking about it all! I’m glad we made beautiful memories but am more glad it’s over :p


Pardon my silence, we are on vacation. We’re in Texas, ya’ll. I’m scratching some bug bite as I write and sweating in places I didn’t know had sweat glands, it is a beautiful, green place though.
I’m trying to use this time to catch up, but it’s so hard to post on Music Man’s iPhone… so for now, let’s take a break, enjoy the silence.

Ninjas and Rocks

Life is busy around here! The Bundle’s party is this weekend so I’ve been doing all the preparations that go with it. But don’t worry too much about me, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

I mean, how can it be with such cuteness as this?

Yes, my people, the birthday bash is all about ninjas! HEEEEI-YA!

I’ve been getting some ninja masks ready, sewing at top speed. My original intention was to sew all the invited children their own mask but, I didn’t realized how many kids we would actually invite! So now I’m not sure if I will have them all done, but I will try.

Despite all the work we have, we seem to find a little time to relax on the porch. Maybe sing a tune or two.

Play and share rocks with your sister…

Eat a few…

They either taste delicious, or she’s getting another tooth. Yep, I think the drool gives it away 😉

Aaah, the simple pleasure rocks bring.

Even when you take the babe away, she keeps coming back for more. Notice her form.

Then she attacks my toes.

So, we are busy, busy. Today, we went to the city to buy last-minute things. Nana, The Pumpkin and I went to the most awesome Asian market! I am so in love, I need to designate an entire day and visit that market again. I enjoyed a delicious Udon Noodle soup, yuuuum.

Now I’m to bed, and dream about gluing kabob sticks to little ninja pictures.

I leave you with a sneeze. The Bundle has a little cold this week, I hope it doesn’t become a yearly ritual on her birthday week. I pray she gets better quick, it’s not fun having a sick birthday girl!