12 months old

My sweet baby girl, today you turned one. How time has flown… I sit here, with you resting your head on my chest, musty, unruly hair, breathing slow and steady, I am at a loss for words. Completely overwhelmed by this motherly love. You will not remember this day when you are grown up, but I always will. I will remember how I wondered where this year had gone and afraid of just how fast life will pass us by. So all I can do tonight is to take in the little things…

Your little things this last month:

You got two more teeth, you have a total of eight! You have almost mastered walking, only crawling when you want to get somewhere fast.

You love being outside, playing in the dirt, on the driveway, in the water, anywhere as long as it’s outside.

You color! You smart little cookie, you like to steal Sister’s papers and crayons so you can color with them. You also did your first finger painting– yes, of course Mama saved it!

You like to go through the trash and find little treasures to play with.

You love to dance! You cannot resist the urge to dance when any sort of beat is playing, including the washer. The other day, Daddy, Sister, you and I had the greatest dancing party ever! It was so much fun to see you full of life and laughter.

You are strong and a daring, not afraid to try to get off the bed or the couch by yourself or climb up chairs, often resulting in bumps and scratches. You keep me on my toes!

You love your big sister, and it is such a joy to watch you play together.

You have brought us so much joy in just one year, my little girl, I cannot wait for many more to come. I pray that I would be a good mother, lead you by example and that you would grow into a beautiful woman of God.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.

Watch her grow, month by month.


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