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Four Months Old

You are 4 months old today! Wow, seriously, my lady, where is time going?

You are still as sweet as ever. You laugh quite a bit now and you really enjoy your big sister playing with you. We have to watch her because she thinks she is stronger than she is and likes to pick you up and carry you!


You babble so much and you are constantly chewing on your hands and anything else that you can get your hands on.


Your hair is so wild and out of control, it is so cute! You got your first “pony tail” this month. You are not very interested in tummy time or rolling… You are perfectly content in the bouncer or bumbo watching everybody around you.


You still spit up often, you bathe Daddy and me quite often! You once spit up right as I was kissing your lovely lips. Yum!


You are growing too fast, my little lumpia…. I am trying to live every moment and enjoy your most precious and fleeting times.

Love, Mama.



The Wagon


The other day was one of those magical days that you want to remember forever.


These little kiddos were playing at Nana and Tata’s “farm”, some way or another they came up with the brilliant idea of tying the wagon to the bicycle…and that is where the magic began.


This, this is what childhood is about, learning through play. I was so in love with what my eyes were witnessing that I grabbed my camera and chased them around snapping pictures.


Children do not need fancy toys, all they need is the right terrain to sprout their imaginations.




Dispite the age difference among them, they came together to play and discover, the big ones taking turn on the bike, the little ones sharing the wagon and making sure everyone grabbed on. This, my friends, is free learning at its best.


I even joined the fun!


Two Little Monkeys

Jumping on the bed!



Have you made goals for the new year? How are you doing? One of my goals for this year is to encourage or prompt play for my children. I have been in a “mothering rut” for a while. I think it started while I was pregnant, tired and unable to move “properly” and when Granola was born, well, that just increased it even more… letting the big girls watch too many movies so I can have time to nurse the baby.

Mommy guilt set in. So I have made it my resolution to get back to that state of mind that children need play to learn about life. To encourage play and let loose a little more. I have been doing great so far, and notice a difference in the girls’ attitudes and also in mine! Positivity does wonders!



Another goal for the new year is to more clearly define the purpose of this blog. I have been wrestling with the idea of not writing as much as I used to, mostly for lack of time. I do, however enjoy writing, so I decided that when I feel motivated to write something, I will. I don’t want blogging to feel like a chore, I want it to always be as enjoyable and a creativity outlet as I set it out to be since the beginning.

So now, you will never know if you’ll have just pictures or something interesting (I hope) to read! Keepin’ it fresh.


The birth kit is here!

My birth kit arrived today! It is always an exciting pregnancy milestone, remember last time? I had received a notification in my email that it was expected to come today, so I patiently waited all day.

Right after we got done having lunch is when I heard the UPS man pull up. I ran to my bedroom to grab my camera and ran back to the door and quickly snapped a picture of him. He must have thought I was the strangest person, his look on his face was priceless…and it made me embarrassed!

The girls were so interested in all the commotion I was making.

So they helped me open it.

And if you are curious about what exactly comes in a birth kit, here is a list:

  • Underpads, to protect the bed/couch when you lay on it
  • More underpads, different size
  • Poly backed sheets, again, for protecting the bed/covers
  • Guaze
  • Sterile Exam gloves
  • Non sterile exam gloves
  • OB Pad, not sure which one that is
  • Peri bottle for post-partum
  • Bendy straws for drinking during labor
  • Sexy underwear
  • Feminine pads
  • Little hat for baby
  • Tape measure
  • Bulb Syringe
  • Goldenseal Capsules for the baby’s bellybutton
  • Scrub brush for the midwife to clean and prep her hands/arms before the birth
  • Cord ring

That’s it, pretty simple, you don’t need much.


Next, we will be waiting for the birth pool….oooh, more excitement! It’s getting so close!



18 Months and Catch-up

The little Pumpkin will be two next month, I can’t believe it! Time has a way of quietly escaping our grasp and before we know it, we find ourselves looking back in amazement.

Almost a half a year ago, we celebrated her half birthday. Just The Pumpkin, her big sister and I. We made chocolate coconut flour cupcakes and enjoyed her one a half years of life.


The cupcakes were an experimentation of mine. They looked better than they tasted.

The Pumpkin seemed to enjoy them though.

So much has been going on in our lives that it’s hard to think of where to begin catching you up on it! We are impending a big move. We knew it was going to happen sometime, we just didn’t know the exact timing. Our rental is being foreclosed, so we have to find a new living space. It’s a bit overwhelming, trying to find an affordable house in a short amount of time, all while 30 weeks pregnant and planning a homebirth! We are trusting in the Lord for His provision and His perfect timing.
We also have not had an internet connection at our house for about a month now, which was one major contributing factor to my absence.

I don’t expect to be able to post regularly until we have moved, but I will try. I have been wanting to share about our first “real” camping trip we took a week ago! It was so much fun!

Unexpected Nap

The Bundle stopped napping the summer she turned two. Yes, it was very devastating to have a two year old who would not nap and being pregnant as the same time. She does make up for it by waking up at eight every morning. She will occasionally nap when my mom watches them because they wake up pretty early. Other than that, the only quiet time I get is when she watches a cartoon while The Pumpkin naps, sometimes, I will admit, I doze off on the couch next to her 😉

This one particular day, she took an unexpected nap. We were running errands and fell asleep on the way home. Usually she wakes up when I take her out of the car, but not this time. She stayed asleep for a good hour.

So, I busted out my camera. Duh.

It was such a sweet mommy moment to watch her deep in sleep in the middle of the day. To feel her musty, sweaty hair, to kiss her and just watch her be still.

Sweet little moments, worth treasuring in your heart.