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Everyone talks about what they love. We want to proclaim it to the ends of the world, share that one thing we love, or that has changed our lives, we share it because it brings us joy. And we want everyone else to experience that joy. That is why parents can’t help but share pictures of their children or talk about them (for goodness sake, that is what this whole blog is about – my children). That’s why people talk so passionately about politics, or food or birth (all of which I like to talk about). We want everyone else to see what we see. It is in our nature.

That is why for as long as I live I will share and talk about Jesus.

Because I love Him.

Because he brings me joy.

Because He. Loves. Me.

And you.

Because I want you to know that joy and freedom in Him.

I have lately failed to share something so much more important, life-or-death important, than what kind of food we should eat, what kind of only-human politician we should go for, or where or how to give birth to our children.

Friends, it is the single, most important thing I should ever share about. It is the fact that God, the creator of the universe, of tomatoes, of your favorite politician, the creator of our children loves us. Loves you. Yes, you. Even with your imperfections, he wants you.

Think about that overwhelming love we feel for our children, how even when we may be mad at them we don’t ever stop loving them. God loves us infinitely more. Even when we fail Him or don’t want anything to do with Him, He is there waiting with open arms, waiting for us to come and follow Him.


Our Christmas tree

We finally put up our Christmas tree this week, I had been dying to get all my Christmas decorations out and start decking the halls, but I had a beautiful excursion, all planned out in my head, so I couldn’t start until we got the tree. I wanted to set up a very original tree that my parents, my brother and I used to get when we were little, but The Man was not fond of my idea, apparently, he doesn’t want to have a more original tree, and create beautiful, lasting memories with our children 😉 I guess we will stick to our boring ol’ plastic tree.  I still hope I can have my way convince him next year.

So I finally gave up and brought out the plastic tree. I was looking forward to it, because I knew The Bundle would be so excited, as she gets when we see more and more lights starting to pop up around town at night. I loved how she would cheer me on everytime I put a new layer of branches up. “Good job, you did it!”


Before I go on, I will have to ask you to disregard her attire. She had “gone swimming” earlier that day. She loves to wear her “baby suit” as she calls it. I’m not very fond of this particular suit for various reasons, but that is a discussion for another time. So for now, lets all pretend she was wearing something more…. festive.

As expected, The Bundle was super excited. I took the opportunity to teach her about the real meaning of Christmas. The tree, the lights, Santa Claus, are all fun things to do, but I don’t ever want my children to lose sight of the most beautiful reason to celebrate Christmas.

“Do you know what Christmas is?” I asked her, finding it hard to come up with the right words for a two-and-half-year-old to understand.

“What?” She replied with a question.

“Christmas is when Jesus was born.” I said simply.

“Yeah… Jesus” she said and then looked at the tree, “and Christmas tree…”

“Yes, we also put up a tree at Christmas time” I told her.

“And we pray to the Christmas tree?”

Holding a chuckle, I replied, “No, we pray to God, but we can thank Him for our Christmas tree.”

So we prayed, and thanked God for our tree and for the best gift anybody will ever receive, His son Jesus, who came down to Earth to die for our sins because we could have never paid for them ourselves.

After our prayer was done, she looked at me and smiled and “I love you” she said, melting my already soft heart.



Then I told her to tell The Pumpkin about the tree.

And she did.


And The Pumpkin loved it.


Later that afternoon, when The Man got home from work, we played some Christmas music and finished decorating the tree.


After it was done, I dimmed the lights and had some fun:




Thank you for these sweet moments with my family.

In Jesus’ name I pray,