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Everyone talks about what they love. We want to proclaim it to the ends of the world, share that one thing we love, or that has changed our lives, we share it because it brings us joy. And we want everyone else to experience that joy. That is why parents can’t help but share pictures of their children or talk about them (for goodness sake, that is what this whole blog is about – my children). That’s why people talk so passionately about politics, or food or birth (all of which I like to talk about). We want everyone else to see what we see. It is in our nature.

That is why for as long as I live I will share and talk about Jesus.

Because I love Him.

Because he brings me joy.

Because He. Loves. Me.

And you.

Because I want you to know that joy and freedom in Him.

I have lately failed to share something so much more important, life-or-death important, than what kind of food we should eat, what kind of only-human politician we should go for, or where or how to give birth to our children.

Friends, it is the single, most important thing I should ever share about. It is the fact that God, the creator of the universe, of tomatoes, of your favorite politician, the creator of our children loves us. Loves you. Yes, you. Even with your imperfections, he wants you.

Think about that overwhelming love we feel for our children, how even when we may be mad at them we don’t ever stop loving them. God loves us infinitely more. Even when we fail Him or don’t want anything to do with Him, He is there waiting with open arms, waiting for us to come and follow Him.