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Friends, I am moving. No, not another real-life, house move. A virtual move. Of this blog.


It’s been a long time coming. Back in the beginning of 2011, I bought a domain, with Dreamhost, but my technology-cripple self could not get the darn thing to work. So I gave up and cancelled my account, but Dreamhost kept my domain hostage! I have tried time and time again to undo my wrong, but I could not get it work.

So I’m saying goodbye to WordPress. It’s bitter-sweet, because I love it for many reasons, but Blogger offers a lot more customization for my blog and for free, and most importantly, for way easier.

So don’t forget to change it, ┬áto bookmark the new address, and change it on your reader or bloglovin, or anywhere else.

Click here for my spankin’ new blog.

Oh, and maybe leave me some love? The comments did not import so it looks like I have been talking to myself for two and a half years. Mmmkk… now GO!



And the winner is…

When brainstorming about what I could possibly give away, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful and representative of this blog. I could have gone for a giftcard, or even bought something nice, but finally I got the idea that since this blog is mostly about my photography, I would give away my photography. I didn’t want it to seem egotistical, that was not my intention at all, rather, I wanted to share something with all you that is very special to me. My love for photography. I hope that the winner appreciates it, it was a lot of fun. I am already planning on doing another giveaway, maybe I’ll buy something nice and fun then.

I could have done it the more technical way by using one of those website randomizers, but I went the more old-fashioned way.There were six of you, who entered, “normdave” was counted as two: Norma and Dave, because Norma liked the blog on Facebook.

After cutting them all up and putting them in a jar, I called my assistant.

Then I blindfolded her, she was very excited for her mission. She shook the jar to make sure the strips stirred a little and caught me off guard when she chose one too fast.

The suspense was killing me! When she showed me it, I couldn’t read the name. But then she turned it over and asked me what it said:


and it said…..





Yay! Congratulations! Choose your two photographs and send me a private message at livebiglovebigger@live.com with your mailing address!