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Her cheeks are delicious.


My poor little Granoly has her first cold right now. She was sneezing a lot this morning by the time of her afternoon nap, she was so congested she couldn’t breathe while trying to nurse. It is so heartbreaking to see your little ones sick.


Tomorrow they’ll be lots of cuddles and I am sure there’s a long night ahead of us.




Four Months Old

You are 4 months old today! Wow, seriously, my lady, where is time going?

You are still as sweet as ever. You laugh quite a bit now and you really enjoy your big sister playing with you. We have to watch her because she thinks she is stronger than she is and likes to pick you up and carry you!


You babble so much and you are constantly chewing on your hands and anything else that you can get your hands on.


Your hair is so wild and out of control, it is so cute! You got your first “pony tail” this month. You are not very interested in tummy time or rolling… You are perfectly content in the bouncer or bumbo watching everybody around you.


You still spit up often, you bathe Daddy and me quite often! You once spit up right as I was kissing your lovely lips. Yum!


You are growing too fast, my little lumpia…. I am trying to live every moment and enjoy your most precious and fleeting times.

Love, Mama.


2 Months

Today, Granola, you turned two months old. Sometimes I feel like I am swimming against the current, trying to reach the unreachable goal of slowing down time. I want to smell your sweet, milky breath and your soft, baby scent forever. 2months9406

I dream an impossible dream of being able to hold your squishy self on my chest and feel your gentle steady breathing for eternity.


You started smiling this month and my heart burst with an uncontainable love every time you show your toothless grins. I have been on a mission to capture it to no avail.


Your chunky rolls are “coming in”, and I cannot wait to kiss them more and more. I am in love with your flat little nose bridge and your eyebrows.


As you become more aware of the world around you, we fall more and more for you.


You have completed my motherly love in an unimaginable way. I love you, you sweet little thing.


Baby Granola is 1 Month Old

I haven’t had time to post a single picture of the baby child on the blog yet, but have no fear, today, you get a fair share. These were taken two days ago, on the day she turned one month old. I can’t believe she is one month already, I want her to stay my newborn forever!

1month8398 1month8404 1month8407 1month8412 1month8413 1month8414 1month8415 1month8416 1month8420  1month8427 1month8441 1month8443 1month8444 1month8445 1month8455 1month8457 1month8465

And a little “poor man’s macro”  😉

1month8468 1month8469 1month8470

And a letter to my baby.

My Granola, you are such a sweet-tempered child since the moment you were born. You’ve only had one “rough” day, when you were fussy all day, but although Mama was a tired mess, you still managed you be so cute and cuddly and make my heart flutter. You are so very loved by your big sisters, I love seeing them hug you and kiss you. I can’t wait to see you all playing together! I love cuddling up with you at night, you sleep right beside Mama every night and together we sleep beautifully. I would not have it any other day.

You have the most adorable, kissable lips. A flat little nose bridge that begs to be kissed. Long, beautiful toes. And are getting squishy by the minute. You are perfectly made.

I promise to give you my all, not to make life “easy” for you but to raise you to be a woman of God and to follow your dreams. I cannot wait to see the wonderful plans God has for your life.

You have brought unmeasurable joy to our lives. We didn’t know how much we were missing without you in our lives.

I love you with all my heart, my sweet Granola.


Is there anything sweeter than a peaceful, sleeping baby? Nope, there is not!

Call me a sleepy baby stalker, but I can’t help myself. There is something so beautiful about hearing that slow and steady breathing. Finally having a chance to take in those tiny features, little toes, finger nails, and soft lips.

And the sweetest of all is when it’s your own sleepy baby…