A heart attack

I have never made a big deal of Valentine’s Day for the girls. I like to give them a small little gift as a reminder of my love for them. I refuse to buy into the disgusting, materialistic event it has become.

I did, however planned on making it a teaching day about love. True love. God’s unending, unconditional love for us. I wanted to have a little family dinner at home with a special dessert, and lovely homemade decorations.

It was such a beautiful vision in my head. Too bad it didn’t happen. Ha. Life gets in the way. We did enjoy love that day, love from Mawnie and Papa that were in town visiting from Hawaii.


The simple gift I did end up making for them was a “heart attack” inspired from Pinterest (a bunch of paper hearts inside a box). I sewed a paper heart garland and taped it in their mailboxes with glittery tape. When they opened the box, they would pull and reveal the hearts. Simple but sweet.




I hope your day was filled with love.


And about teaching about God’s love? That is done every day, we don’t have to wait for next year!

Snow in the desert

Wednesday we had a very rare sight here in the desert. We woke up to a delightful winter storm and got some snow!



By the time we got bundled up to go outside, the snow had already melted, so we drove to the nearest town, which is right under the big mountains.



The Bundle was full of contagious joy. I was reminded of the awe and amazement “ordinary” things like snow can seem through a child’s eyes.




We stopped by a rural road to play in the snow. I will never forget this magical day.





Our cue to go home was The Bundle’s need to go potty. 😉

Three Months


My sweet Granoly you are three months old already!

I so enjoy your warming smiles you give me in exchange for mine. Your chuckle-y laugh is so cute! It has become our routine, every time I change your diaper, you know I am going to kiss-tickle you in your underarm as soon as I lift your arm.


Every new milestone gets harder and harder for me, my love. They are bitter-sweet because I love seeing you grow but it saddens me that they might be my last firsts.



Your sisters, oh your sisters love you so. I love seeing how much they love you and want to hold you and carry you and change you. Your oldest sister is keeping a mental list of all your milestones. “Smile, check. Laugh, check. Roll over, check.”



I love your sweet milky scent, your unruly hair that is finally long enough to not stick straight up. Your kissable lips, observant self, and overall sweet nature.


I thank God everyday for blessing me with you.


The Wagon


The other day was one of those magical days that you want to remember forever.


These little kiddos were playing at Nana and Tata’s “farm”, some way or another they came up with the brilliant idea of tying the wagon to the bicycle…and that is where the magic began.


This, this is what childhood is about, learning through play. I was so in love with what my eyes were witnessing that I grabbed my camera and chased them around snapping pictures.


Children do not need fancy toys, all they need is the right terrain to sprout their imaginations.




Dispite the age difference among them, they came together to play and discover, the big ones taking turn on the bike, the little ones sharing the wagon and making sure everyone grabbed on. This, my friends, is free learning at its best.


I even joined the fun!