A heart attack

I have never made a big deal of Valentine’s Day for the girls. I like to give them a small little gift as a reminder of my love for them. I refuse to buy into the disgusting, materialistic event it has become.

I did, however planned on making it a teaching day about love. True love. God’s unending, unconditional love for us. I wanted to have a little family dinner at home with a special dessert, and lovely homemade decorations.

It was such a beautiful vision in my head. Too bad it didn’t happen. Ha. Life gets in the way. We did enjoy love that day, love from Mawnie and Papa that were in town visiting from Hawaii.


The simple gift I did end up making for them was a “heart attack” inspired from Pinterest (a bunch of paper hearts inside a box). I sewed a paper heart garland and taped it in their mailboxes with glittery tape. When they opened the box, they would pull and reveal the hearts. Simple but sweet.




I hope your day was filled with love.


And about teaching about God’s love? That is done every day, we don’t have to wait for next year!

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