Three Months


My sweet Granoly you are three months old already!

I so enjoy your warming smiles you give me in exchange for mine. Your chuckle-y laugh is so cute! It has become our routine, every time I change your diaper, you know I am going to kiss-tickle you in your underarm as soon as I lift your arm.


Every new milestone gets harder and harder for me, my love. They are bitter-sweet because I love seeing you grow but it saddens me that they might be my last firsts.



Your sisters, oh your sisters love you so. I love seeing how much they love you and want to hold you and carry you and change you. Your oldest sister is keeping a mental list of all your milestones. “Smile, check. Laugh, check. Roll over, check.”



I love your sweet milky scent, your unruly hair that is finally long enough to not stick straight up. Your kissable lips, observant self, and overall sweet nature.


I thank God everyday for blessing me with you.



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