Two Little Monkeys

Jumping on the bed!



Have you made goals for the new year? How are you doing? One of my goals for this year is to encourage or prompt play for my children. I have been in a “mothering rut” for a while. I think it started while I was pregnant, tired and unable to move “properly” and when Granola was born, well, that just increased it even more… letting the big girls watch too many movies so I can have time to nurse the baby.

Mommy guilt set in. So I have made it my resolution to get back to that state of mind that children need play to learn about life. To encourage play and let loose a little more. I have been doing great so far, and notice a difference in the girls’ attitudes and also in mine! Positivity does wonders!



Another goal for the new year is to more clearly define the purpose of this blog. I have been wrestling with the idea of not writing as much as I used to, mostly for lack of time. I do, however enjoy writing, so I decided that when I feel motivated to write something, I will. I don’t want blogging to feel like a chore, I want it to always be as enjoyable and a creativity outlet as I set it out to be since the beginning.

So now, you will never know if you’ll have just pictures or something interesting (I hope) to read! Keepin’ it fresh.



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