In Pictures

I am finally sitting down to sort through the birth pictures!  Life with three has not been as hard as I thought it would be. There has been some tough moments, like anything else, but for the most part it has been “easy”.

The Man started taking pictures shortly after I got in the pool. Pam and the students took turns taking some during the birth.

These are some of the birth kit supplies.



birth7789 birth7790

This is while I was having a contraction. I would exhale into the water and watch the ripples in the water. It helped me relax.


Melissa, one of the students, checking the baby’s heart rate.


This was my position during contractions once I entered transition. The Man would push on my lower back during the length of the contraction. It felt like my back was splitting, the counter pressure was so nice.


The oldest sister enjoying the moment! She was so excited to be able to watch Baby Sister’s birth.

birth7804 birth7805

The Man applying that wonderful pressure while I pushed!


She came so fast! It is the most amazing feeling in the world to catch your own child. Nothing else like it. I was in an emotional high for a week.


Laughing with joy.


We realized the cord was tangled up pretty good. Under her right let, through the armpit and around the back of her neck.


Alicia, the other student, helping me untangle the chord.


She was so peaceful, so quiet, so beautiful.


Big Sister on top of Daddy to get a better view.

birth7834 birth7835

Checking her heart rate.

birth7839 birth7840

The smaller sister coming in to see her baby.


Nana and the Pumpkin.

birth7844 birth7845

My favorite picture. Making eye contact!


The placenta was delivered, the water got bloody. We waited for the chord to stop pulsing and Daddy cut it.

birth7849 birth7853

Proud big sisters.



You can read the birth story here.


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