The day she turned two.

Right in the middle of the chaos of our move, The Pumpkin (or Sister Lou), had birthday number two! I would have liked to make her day more special, but in the midst of boxes and whatnot, it was very hard. I also had my home visit from my midwife that day and I could barely walk from working myself too hard the previous days.

That didn’t stop her from enjoying herself, though. Soon after Pam, my midwife and the student midwife left, the girls decided to have some water fun. First they were playing with tiny cups and making mud pies, then they asked if they could have the hosed turned on and their bathing suits put on.

A car wash was in order for this coupe.

Eventually, things got a bit “crazy”. The Bundle decided to put mud on Sister Lou’s head. So she did the same. After a bit, I couldn’t help it any longer and washed them off.

And we headed inside for a quick rinse.

A melt of a Mama’s heart. The fight like cats and dogs a lot of times, but their love is ever present, it is so sweet to witness it.

Later that evening, when Daddy got home, we went to the park. Sister Lou made sure she brought her Dora balloon from Daddy. She loved it!

A quiet birthday, but still memorable. Happy Birthday, sweet, energetic girl. You have filled our lives with so much joy these past two years, I am so blessed to be your Mama!


2 thoughts on “The day she turned two.

  1. missionmightymom

    So stinkin’ sweet! Happy Birthday to your ‘Pumpkin’. I also have two girls, 2.5 and 8months and seeing yours together makes me that much more excited about the future of having ‘Sisters.’


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