The Camping Trip, part 1

We miraculously packed enough food for three days, clothes, pillows, blankets and every other camping necessity into our little sedan. Every nook and cranny of that vehicle was packed. When we turned back, all we could see of the girls were their heads peeking out. They thought it was the funnest thing.

Off we went, up the mountains in search of cooler weather. I took picture after picture from inside the car of the lovely scenery. Look at all that green!

The girls entertained themselves with some fun car toys. We stopped once along the way, because Mama needs frequent potty breaks these days šŸ˜‰

The higher we went, the more green and wildflowers we saw. Aaah, if it wasn’t for the snow, I would love to live up there. It was also monsoon season, so clouds were rolling in every direction all day long.

We found our campground online listed as number 3 on a top 100 best campgrounds in our state. The sites were awesome! Not too off the grid for these camping amateurs.

As soon as we finished setting up our campsite, we got rain, thankfully we had canopy with us so we had a quick lunch and then went inside our tent because the girls got cold. Cold! I was so excited to get some relief from the long summer heat.

The little storm quickly passed and just like that the sun was out, bringing its warmth back. It was crazy and hard to take consistent photographs in the constantly-changing lighting.

The girls were loving the outdoors. Their favorie activity was picking wildflowers.

We then walked down to the lake to explore before dinner. The lake was beautiful, and we promised The Bundle we would fish the following day. She was so eager to fish with her daddy.

It soon began to get really windy, the girls complained that is was cold, and we realized that there was a pretty big storm coming from the south, and another just as big from the north. Uh-oh, we gathered up and went back to our camp to start the fire for dinner before it got any closer.

Little did we know that that was not the biggest storm we would get….

To be continued…


We finally found a house to move to, we have seen God’s perfect timing and plans unfold in such a beautiful way in this whole process! We move in the beginning of next month, just a little bit more than a month before the expected arriaval of Girly #3. Phew…. it was getting too close for comfort! We are so very grateful for friends and family that offered up their houses to give birth in, we got 5 diffrent offers when we were not sure if we would move into my parents’ house, making it a little too far from the hospital, which made me uncomfortable in case of an emergency!Ā  It is nice to know we have such caring people around us!


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