Unexpected Nap

The Bundle stopped napping the summer she turned two. Yes, it was very devastating to have a two year old who would not nap and being pregnant as the same time. She does make up for it by waking up at eight every morning. She will occasionally nap when my mom watches them because they wake up pretty early. Other than that, the only quiet time I get is when she watches a cartoon while The Pumpkin naps, sometimes, I will admit, I doze off on the couch next to her 😉

This one particular day, she took an unexpected nap. We were running errands and fell asleep on the way home. Usually she wakes up when I take her out of the car, but not this time. She stayed asleep for a good hour.

So, I busted out my camera. Duh.

It was such a sweet mommy moment to watch her deep in sleep in the middle of the day. To feel her musty, sweaty hair, to kiss her and just watch her be still.

Sweet little moments, worth treasuring in your heart.


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