A Night at the Park

I am a member of a pretty awesome photography forum, ClickinMoms, last week SmugMug along with ClickinMoms was having a photography contest and giving away a Canon 5d Mark III, my ultimate dream camera. The theme for the contest was “fun with dad” and had to be taken within that time period given. I waited until the day before the deadline to take a dang picture.Okay, we were pretty busy that week, and Thursday was the only night we could do it.

We ate our dinner as fast as we could and headed for the park. When we got there, the girls wanted nothing to do with posing for pictures and the sun was quickly tucking away behind a hill.

I sat disappointed, moping on the grass because I would get to at least get a chance to enter the contest.

I decided to take pictures of the girls enjoying themselves instead.

Climbing up slides….and falling down slides.

And then, I got one of the best ideas ever. I would bribe The Bundle with ice cream! I told her that if she would just sit and let Daddy show her his guitar, we could go out to ice cream afterwards.

She excitingly obliged.

Here it is, nothing fancy, not the best light, but at least I could say that I had a chance at this awesome camera. I wonder when they’ll announce the winner….

*The Man had the awesome idea of bringing his guitar to the park!*


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