Crayon Tales

The other day I almost bought a big box of crayons at the store, after melting all the random pieces The Bundle had left of a little 10-pack. I immediately had an image of a very frustrated me and a very messy house with crayons all over the place. I could just keep them out of their way and take them out when she’s going to color, but that’s also just part of my daydreams. I’m not that organized.I did give the Bundle a little plastic container to put them in, trying to avoid a mess.

So I went for the 48-pack, the medium size. Two days later, I found the girls here:

The Pumpkin was busy ripping paper and braking crayons. Sigh.

Maybe a pouch will do the trick?

Well even if it doesn’t, The Pumpkin is having a blast.


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