Dinner Tent

I had a yard sale this weekend and in my usual impulsiveness, I sold our dining room table and our two recliners. Don’t laugh. I got tired of washing them and I have also been wanting to buy a new table. What better opportunity, right? Now our house is feels super empty. Like, we hear echos when we speak too loud.

The Bundle was very sad to see the table go. “But where are we going to eat?” She asked concerned when she saw me taking the the table outside. When we faced the first meal table-less, she came up with a great idea.I love the way little minds work. It was the start of something… awesome.

“I know, we can eat in my dinner tent.”

So from then on, her “castle tent” has sat in our dining area. And you betcha we’ve eaten in there.

And danced….

Turned it into a train…

And a reading nook…

We’ve also found other places to enjoy a snack. Like the computer desk.

Having a snack while listening to toddler radio on Pandora… you should try it sometime. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Clap clap.

The little one likes her snacks on the run, or while dancing.

So there you have it, who says money can’t buy happiness. Those $8 for the table, has brought us plenty of it.


4 thoughts on “Dinner Tent

  1. valerie marie

    omg that tent is the best!!! great captures, i especially like the close up of her reading the book. i love how the opening to the tent frames her 🙂 have fun shopping for some new furniture, i’m kinda jealous!!! 😉


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