Christmas Morning

Christmas felt rushed and busy this year. Mostly because it was on a Sunday and we had only about 15 minutes for “our” Christmas before getting ready for church.


As every year, we spent Christmas’ eve with my family, stayed until around midnight, drove home, went to bed and tried to wake up early enough to have some time together. Why do we do this again?



We do not get our children lavish gifts.We don’t want to teach them to be materialistic like the world is today. We want them to appreciate and truly grasp the meaning of Christmas. All without dozens of toys that will not only clutter the house but overstimulate their developing brains.

This year we got them both their own Kleen Kanteens (super cute!), a castle play tent (to share) and a little puppy that whimpers for The Pumpkin, and a magnetic dress-up dollΒ  and plastic binoculars for The Bundle.

The most exciting moments were looking at The Pumpkin’s excited face when she opened her puppy and hearing the Bundle exclaim “That is just what I wanted!” (Even though she never asked for a stainless steel water bottle πŸ˜‰ )

We also did tiny stockings, The Pumpkin is too small still, so she didn’t get anything in hers- actually I think we put a piece of chocolate (quite a treasure). The Bundle’s had a few little trinkets like a jump rope and magnets for the fridge.




After church we had another round of Christmas at The Man’s family’s house. Pheww… it makes me tired just thinking about it all! I’m glad we made beautiful memories but am more glad it’s over :p


12 thoughts on “Christmas Morning

  1. Holly Thompson

    Hi Silvia! I am a new reader from CM! I really enjoy the pace of your blogging interspersed with your beautiful photos. I found myself reading down several posts into your blog and that is unusual for me… I really like how convicted you are in your beliefs and passions. Your daughters are beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing how you celebrated your Christmas. πŸ™‚


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