A Fall Morning

My love relationship with Pinterest continues. I feel so creative when I’m pinning even though I haven’t actually done anything other than click my mouse. I love getting ideas and inspiration and knowing the perfect craft to do on a beautiful morning like today.

It just sorta came to me, remembering that not too long ago, I had pinned something about some flower using brown paper bags. So after a pancake breakfast we set out to do some crafts. The Bundle was more than thrilled.

She loves having the chance to practice her cutting skills.

I wish I was as creative as some of the people on Pinterest, seriously, how do they think of such things.

The Man even joined the fun, he changed it up a bit and made a hibiscus.

The Bundle made lots and lots of mustaches. She’s obsessed with them lately.

She made me some lips, but I liked it as a mustache.

Then, after making the paper bag flowers, still feeling inspired, we set out to hunt for pine cones for more Pinterest crafts.

The Man quietly followed us, strumming beautiful melodies on his guitar. Yes, our perfect morning came with its own soundtrack.

It was a whole family affair. The Bundle on my back and Charlie The Dog close by.


The Bundle found a “tiny, tiny pine cone”, but I’m pretty sure it was a rock 😉

We later moved on to the neighbor’s pine trees, theirs are much bigger and loaded with beloved cones.

Why wouldn’t I be in love with Pinterest? If it can help us create beautiful family memories… Thank you, Pinterest, my love. Okay, I might have gone over-board.


2 thoughts on “A Fall Morning

  1. Karli

    Oh my goodness, your kiddos are just beautiful! 🙂 What a fun morning crafting together! I SO wish I was good at things like that…. I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, but it looks like so much fun! XO

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