Someone Was Naughty

Our house is at the top of a little hill, off the road, so we have a fairly long driveway. We keep our trash can down by the road, so taking out the trash is always a fun “trip”. Embarrassingly, we are often too lazy busy to take the trash all the way down, so we pile it in the garage until it smells we remember or have time to make the trip.

I usually put the Pumpkin in the front of a wagon and a bag or two behind her, but on this occasion, The Bundle insisted on pulling Sister herself. So I was able to save myself a trip and get all the trash bags on the other wagon.

I should have known that, the girl who always needs a ride on the wagon on the way back after insisting on walking, was going to bail on me. After I had emptied my wagon, we started our way back up the hill, The Bundle asked to trade wagons. That was after I helped (read pushed) with it on the way down hill.

When we got back, I gave the green, trash wagon a rinse with the hose and went inside for just a second while the girls played outside. When I came back, this is what I found:

A wet baby and an accomplice. The Bundle turned the water on and the Pumpkin, never missing a beat (especially when there is water around) hurried to enjoy it.

So I let them play in it, because life is much better when you play in the puddles of water, play with dirt and make mud pies.

It soon got a little chilly for The Bundle, so I gave her a rinse. She asked for a towel.

But instead, I snapped away. She wasn’t very happy about that.

And the little trooper, she found Big Sister’s wet (rinsed) clothes and dragged them all over the dirty, muddy driveway. Yep, that’s what she does.


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