On the Bed

Recently, I discovered that at a magical time of the day, I get beautiful, golden light through my bedroom window. So off to the bed we went. We shared a sprouted wheat bagel. All the while we let the golden light fill us with its radiant beauty.

We made silly faces.

A favorite past time of one.

We also jumped on the bed…

Then The Bundle wanted a turn with the camera -another past time of hers- so I made some silly faces.

Then, amidst the fun, someone cried over something, I wasn’t sure why.

Upon further inspection, I noticed someone in the background. Under the pillow, you see her? Guilty.

Apparently, someone didn’t want to share the bagel. I guess Tata has a reason to call them “Earthquake” and “Little Earthquake”.

Hey, at least she’s a cute Terremoto.


One thought on “On the Bed

  1. Rifqi

    Definitely nice light and that wall makes a pretty good background as well, completely unlike our bedroom :p Cute shots as well.


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