The best sunset I’ve ever seen.

Tonight’s sunset pretty much rocked my socks off. Well, I technically wasn’t wearing any socks, but you get the idea. We got an unexpected evening thunderstorm that didn’t give us any rain, but oh what a show it did. The magical mixture of clouds, dust, light, wind and a drizzle over the horizon in the west came together perfectly with gold, coral and crimson dancing their way behind the mountains.

I walked about 50 yards behind Mawni and Papa’s house to get close to the saguaro, after about 3 minutes of taking pictures, the wind picked up, sending dust flying straight toward me. It started to sprinkle, too, so I started heading back. But, first, I wanted to show you the crazy wind!

Notice the rainbow on the left!

Yes, that is the camera strap on the left corner. I was squinting, trying not to get dirt in my eyes.

Just as soon as it came gushing through, the wind stopped. So I turned back around to take shoot some more! Who can blame me? It just kept getting better and better.

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