11 months

Eleven months, eleven months.

My Pumpkin you are eleven months!

This month was so much fun, you got another tooth in, which makes it a total of five.

You started standing up at the most random times, practicing picking things up.

You have also ventured into taking more and more steps!

You also have started acquiring a little vocabulary, you say hi, bye, no, sister and our most favorite one ever: “love ya”. It warms our hearts every time you say it!

We love being able to communicate with you and how you interact with us. One day, you were sitting in your high chair eating and Daddy asked if your food was good, you nodded so big we laughed. You laughed, too, silly girl. So now you nod all the time. “Do you want milk?” Excited nod. “Are you hungry?” Nod. “Would you like some more?” Nod nod. You also give lots of random nods.

You love, love to eat. You like to do it yourself, and have even been trying to figure out utensils.

You struggled with constipation again this month. It was so hard for us to watch you in pain, my love! We had to take you to the doctor so he could help you go, because all the juice we were giving you was not cutting it.

When Mama went back to work, you refused to have bottles, only to have a nice long nursing session when I got home. You are taking them better now, although you still prefer Mommy’s milk straight out of the tap!

Oh, my crazy girl, you got yourself in a pickle not too long ago. You decided to climb up on the bottom shelf of a side table and got stuck! Don’t worry, I took a picture while Daddy helped you out.

And the cutest things you have started doing! You love to get Sister’s pink purse and hang it on your shoulder and then crawl away with it. You try to put on hats on your head, shoes on your feet, it’s so cute to watch!

You love to blow us kisses, and we love it even more!

My sweet, precious Pumpkin, I love you so very much.

I love your sweet stretches upon waking up.

I love how much you show affection to your baby dolls.

I love little smirks and your frowns, and your wrinkly-nosed smiles.

I love the way you sit up, stand, jump, or do other silly, crazy things while you nurse.

But my favorite thing I love about you is you.


"Okay, Mama, I'm done."


One thought on “11 months

  1. GG Henry

    I love it and her and all of you, you have capture so many great memories, she is a beautiful baby, I think I see a little of your mom in her face, she is just adorable wish I was closer to share all the neat new things that she is doing wish u all could take a trip up to see us. Luv this precious little girl. GG


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