10 Months Old

My lady, you are 10 months old!

You have now been more time outside of my womb than in it, and that makes me a bit teary-eyed.

You went through so much this month, we went on your first road trip/vacation. You have decided you do not like the car seat since then!

You are still in love with Mama. Just yesterday, I left while you were napping and when you woke up, you were very happy with Daddy, then you left the room, crawled to the next one, pushed the door open and looked to see if I was sitting on the computer. When you didn’t find me there, you started crying!

Your hair has decided to curl, it is so cute!

You have two more teeth, the top middle ones. I love your little chompers. Ever since they started coming through, you make the silliest under-bite face while you try to feel them.


You have quite the summer tan and beautiful tan lines on your chubby rolls.

You, all of a sudden, dislike are terrified of taking a bath. You love swimming in the big pool, though.


You put everything. in. your. mouth. and you eat it. You are also a quick snatcher! If you sit on our laps, we have to move everything far away from you because you will take things in the blink of an eye. You have spilled several plates of food.

You have a tendency to crawl with random objects in your hands like: rocks, sticks, Sister’s shoes, balls, and once you tried to pull an inflatable pool raft. It was a bit too large. Silly girl!

You also started standing up on your own, right out of a sitting position. You give us the brightest smile when you stand, proud of your accomplishment.

You took one step, (or so Daddy says) but I am not counting it because I didn’t see it!


I love your silly laugh, and the way you wrinkle your nose when you smile. I love your wet, open-mouth kisses and sweet breath. I love feeling your deep breathing on me and caressing your sweaty head when you sleep.

I love your deep laugh when you know you are about to have some milk. I love your crab-like crawl when you’re on the grass or on concrete. I love when you pretend to let somebody else to hold you only to smile and turn back and hug me.

I love you, my love.



2 thoughts on “10 Months Old

  1. GG Henry

    our precious Pumpkin, I love you you are growing up so fast and your little teeth are so cute you are beautiful. GG


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