We are so fortunate to have some beautifully mild winters as well as having colder, snowy-land just a short drive away. I see it as the perfect location, but then comes summer, with its scorching, can’t-go-outside-without-shoes-weather.


Summer is the hibernation season for us it seems. Long gone are the mild spring days where we would enjoy walks to the park, maybe take a nap under the shade of a mesquite tree.



Or maybe even blow bubbles, lots of bubbles.



Now, when the sun finally goes down, in a stunning orange and purple sunset in the west, every drop of energy has drained out of my body, exhaustion is present and long for a cozy, cool bed.



There are occasional summer activities that we partake in, like swimming, but I can’t help reminisce about sweet, juicy oranges on a quilt at our favorite spot in the park.



Or other kinds of snacks 😉



As I sit here and ponder on a season past, I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:15

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.



So when I am bogged down by the weather, or other storms in life, I remind myself that it’s just a season and this, too shall pass and that they shouldn’t be barriers to doing God’s work.


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