Texas Trip – Part 1

D-day started with my alarm not going off. We were planning on leaving around 5 in the morning so the girls could sleep halfway to our first day stopping point. Well, we left around 6:30, made at least three stops before we even left our state and it took us almost three more hours than it should have.

The girls did pretty well. I kept myself busy drawing a precious sleeping baby.

We finally arrived at sun-down. Some cheered with joy.

Others ran and jumped with glee.

Our stopping point was Glorieta, New Mexico, tucked in the beautiful, green, lush mountains in the north of the state. The plan was to relax and spend a couple nights there.

So the next day, we took pictures of patriotic babies.

And we played mini golf. It was the first time I ever played!

The Music Man got a hole in one.

We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the nice weather, a nice break from our scorching weather back home. After enjoying some pizza for lunch, we went for a hike up the mountain.

I tied my little backpack baby and up we went.

Mawni and Daddy took turns helping big girl hiker.

We didn’t go to the end of the trail, since I had a now sleeping baby on my back, The Man and Papa wanted to go have dinner at the main dining hall, so we ended our excursion at these really tall rocks, or as The Bundle called them “Giant rocks”.

On our way back, we picked ourselves up some walking sticks, hoping it would aid the little hiker, as she thought she didn’t need much help.

After dinner, we made camp-stove s’mores. Yum!

We decided at the last minute, after both babes were asleep, to go ahead and start our next drive that same night instead of the morning. That way the girls could sleep and we would a head start since we still had quite some driving time. So we gathered up our belongings and we headed on down to Texas.

To Be Continued…


One thought on “Texas Trip – Part 1

  1. GG Henry

    know you guys had a wonderful time, Glorieta is so nice. many many years ago as a teen-ager I attended church camp there, but it looks like it has changed a lot,(of course) but we all loved it, I remember sitting under the pine trees doing our Bible studies and of course at that age checking out the guys from the other churches. Fond memories. i KNEW THAT YOU WOULD HAVE GREAT POICTURES. LUV GRAMS/GG


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