9 months old

  Pumpkin, you turned 9 months old today!

I love your fun personality, you are so sweet, so happy and bring us so much joy.

You finally got some teeth this month, after weeks and weeks of teething, the little buggers came in.

You now have two on the bottom and just got one on the top and are working on one next to that one!

You are trying really hard to walk already, you crazy girl! You hold yourself up and you are getting braver and braver everyday and are letting go.

You are a mother lover…still. I really appreciate all the love you have for me, my Pumpkin, but I wouldn’t mind if you started broadening your horizons and letting other people hold you for more than a few minutes at a time.

Your favorite activities right now are getting in the laundry room and scattering the dog’s food all over the place and trying to eat it; and playing with the toilet water. Yuck! You are just too quick!

You are wanting to be in the middle of the action when Sister and Cousins are playing lately. The other day, they were having a pillow fight and all you wanted to do is sit right by them and watch their fun.

A not so fun issue this month has been that you’ve had a really hard time going “potty”. You cry and strain and I cry along with you. You have now acquired a taste for prune juice 😉

You are always so busy, determined to get to where you’re going. On a mission.  It is so fun so watch your little legs and arms work in harmony, in full mode, crawling swiftly. Leaving dirty feet and knees for Mama to scrub at bath time.

You learned to give high-fives and clap this month. Mawni also taught you how to give sweet kisses. You are a stubborn little girl, though, you pretend to not be listening when we ask for kisses, look the other way and smirk, then finally you turn and open wide and give us a nice wet kiss!


Despite the fact that I’m worn out and maybe a little grumpy at the end of a long day of holding my little mama’s girl, I still haven’t tired of you! You are a ray of sunshine, my happy girl.


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