8 months old

My Pumpkin, you are now 8 months old!

Time is flying by swiftly past us and I’m trying to grab on to something, for just a second. To pause. So I click, I click away and take pictures that way I can forever pause your precious moments in time.

This past month you had so many accomplishments, you got two teeth at pretty much the same time.

You also started to crawl and shortly after, you decided you wanted to see the world from a little bit higher up. So you now pull yourself up and stand and look around, proudly.

Every time I walk by a mirror while holding you, you get very excited and wave frantically at yourself.

You have also started saying “bye”, which sounds more like “buh”.

You wave and say buh all the time, at the most random moments, it’s so cute!

You love Big Sister, you like to crawl over to her bed and pull her hair and pat her head when she is sleeping.

You are still fighting sleep with all your might. The other night you were so tired, I had tried for half an hour to rock, cuddle and nurse you to sleep, but as soon as your body would start to slumber, you would stiffen up and swing your body back up. So I gave up, letting you crawl all over the bed at your disposal. You were climbing over Daddy and I back and forth like a zombie, resting at times until one time you just didn’t get up. You had crashed.

You are still a Mama’s girl, and you cry when I’m around because all you want is for me to hold you.

But you do have your moment when you play independently, and it is so beautiful to watch you.

To watch your perpetual frown and the way you concentrate as you discover the world around you.

It’s a pleasure being your mother, my little pumpkin.


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