Ninjas and Rocks

Life is busy around here! The Bundle’s party is this weekend so I’ve been doing all the preparations that go with it. But don’t worry too much about me, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

I mean, how can it be with such cuteness as this?

Yes, my people, the birthday bash is all about ninjas! HEEEEI-YA!

I’ve been getting some ninja masks ready, sewing at top speed. My original intention was to sew all the invited children their own mask but, I didn’t realized how many kids we would actually invite! So now I’m not sure if I will have them all done, but I will try.

Despite all the work we have, we seem to find a little time to relax on the porch. Maybe sing a tune or two.

Play and share rocks with your sister…

Eat a few…

They either taste delicious, or she’s getting another tooth. Yep, I think the drool gives it away 😉

Aaah, the simple pleasure rocks bring.

Even when you take the babe away, she keeps coming back for more. Notice her form.

Then she attacks my toes.

So, we are busy, busy. Today, we went to the city to buy last-minute things. Nana, The Pumpkin and I went to the most awesome Asian market! I am so in love, I need to designate an entire day and visit that market again. I enjoyed a delicious Udon Noodle soup, yuuuum.

Now I’m to bed, and dream about gluing kabob sticks to little ninja pictures.

I leave you with a sneeze. The Bundle has a little cold this week, I hope it doesn’t become a yearly ritual on her birthday week. I pray she gets better quick, it’s not fun having a sick birthday girl!



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