Blueberry Pops

Summer has been slowly creeping in. It’s been a weird year for weather, it should be hot, hot, hot by now, but all we have is wind. I’m not wishing for the melting temperatures, but I sure don’t like this wind!

We have, though, been enjoying summer-time treats. Like these homemade blueberry popsicles.  Easy to make, tasty and a way better alternative to those freaky, fake colored, fake flavored ice things.

Who better else to enjoy them with than a couple of your favorite people? The Bundle’s buddies in crime, her cousins. The Bug and the ropin’ Cowboy.

Finger lickin’ good…

They attract even the littlest ones.

The Pumpkin tries another go. “Maybe if I compliment his boots, he’ll give me some?”

Nope. Didn’t work, but we did give her a carrot to dry up those crocodile tears.

We think it worked…

Mmm… she’s not very sure.

So here’s the recipe, in case you need it.

I adapted it from one I found in this cookbook, I added and took something here and there. The book called for grape juice, but we only had apple juice so I added some of that instead, but it would have been fine without it. Honestly! The honey is enough.

Blueberry Pops:

2 cups of preferably fresh blueberries (frozen works too, I suppose)

1 cup of plain yogurt

2 tbsp of Tata’s honey

A bit of apple juice

Blend all together in the blender, pour in molds and try to wait patiently for the little cylinders to freeze. Tip: do it at night, right before you go to bed, so they’ll be ready in the morning. Saves many “are they ready, yet?” questions from some certain little creatures 😉

For the little, little creatures, a carrot is fine. Or, you could blend some fruit and freeze it in the mold, we did it with mangoes and they were a hit! The Pumpkin sure enjoyed those. Don’t try them with strawberries, though, they turn out a little tart, make sure you add lots of honey to those.

So go forth and make some pops, and in the daytime, grab some people to share them with and sit in the shade. Live the good life.


One thought on “Blueberry Pops

  1. GG Henry

    luv it all, they are all so precious really miss them, they are all growing up so fast and I know that they have so much fun together. luv GG


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