Dancing Girl

The greatest moments in life happen out of the blue, in the midst of a busy day, this particular one happened on a Sunday, probably the busiest day of the week. In between the morning rush and the evening programs, Daddy put some music on and my little dancer girl, the one who cannot resist the urge to move at the sound of music, had to come dance.

So she moved and she swayed and she bounced. Danced.

And she asked for a dancing skirt.

Then time slowed down… and the busyness of the day faded away. It was just us and the dancing girl.

Jumping and running — so free,  so wild.

So when you are having a stressful day, let your hair down and use that hair-tie to tie a dancing skirt to your daughter.

And dance.

Be free, be wild and spin the stress away.

Just like my dancing girl

Credit to The Man for this awesome picture


2 thoughts on “Dancing Girl

  1. GG Henry

    this is so sweet and how true we need to stop in the busyness of the day and enjoy the moment.What a blessing. God is so good. luv you Guys gg


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