A Bee and a Gnome

Our garden is doing great. We have tomatoes getting bigger everyday, I’m still in disbelief! I have tried two or three times to grow a garden and I always end up either not watering correctly or eaten by the birds. So, I am very proud of my accomplishment so far.

I have, however, succeeded with giant sunflowers. I love sunflowers, I’ve planted them every year since The Man and I got married. There is just something about them, the way the follow the sun, like big yellow faces focusing on the bright side of life. A good lesson to learn from these floral beauties.

I think I may have discovered the secret to my gardening success and I’m going to let you in on it.

You ready?

A bee. And a gnome.

A little bee came in to pollinate the garden the other day. “Mama, I want to be a bee,” she told me out of the blue, I guess remembering her costume from last fall. So I took it out of the closet and off to the garden we went, where the bees belong.

There we found ourselves a squishy little dirt-loving-gnome. As soon as we start nearing the garden, she starts bouncing excitedly in my arms and she then demands to be put down to enjoy some mud-time.

I had to take her shirt off because was getting a little messy.

So there you have it, the secret to a beautiful, growing garden. A bee and a gnome and a lot of love surrounding the crops.


I had some “technical difficulties” and accidentally published this post last night unfinished. My internet was down and used The Man’s phone to see how much of it had saved and posted it without meaning to!  So here is the post as it was meant to be read. Enjoy 😉


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