The Tale of an Apple

The day The Pumpkin turned 7 months old, we walked to the park and after some fun time spent on the swings and the slides, we sat down for a snack.

I had two apples, one for The Bundle, and the other one for me. I broke a piece off of mine for The Pumpkin to enjoy.

So there we were, laying on the grass, under a shady tree, on this beautiful, bright day. The Pumpkin had her piece.

And The Bundle had hers.

Aaah, what a beautiful time we were having.

But things were too perfect. The Pumpkin soon set her eyes on Big Sister’s apple.

So what does the Bundle do? She is a sweet sister and shares with her.

But that was not enough, The Pumpkin goes for more!

And more…and more.

After a while, don’t ask me why, The Bundle decides she does not want her apple. Perhaps she really was full, or maybe she grew tired of defending it, but the fact is, The Pumpkin got her way.

She took possession of the apple.

The moral of the story is if you annoy your sister are persistent, you eventually get what you want.

A “whole” apple.

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