7 months

My Squishy baby, you are 7 months old today.Where is the time going? It’s like trying to hold water in my hands.

I’m feeling nostalgic, sad and emotional. You are getting to be such a big girl already.

This month, you finally started crawling and sitting up.

You say “Dada” and my personal favorite, “Mama”.

You have tried all sorts of delicious foods this month: mangoes, pineapple, squash, and one time, when we were at a restaurant, we gave you some bread because you were not happy that everyone was eating but you. Today, you also had strawberries for the first time, and boy oh boy, you sure loved them.

You also enjoy eating dirt from time to time.

You are such a mama’s girl, you prefer me over anyone else.

But Daddy and Sister are very close behind.

I love how you sleep next to me, with a leg up on me. You do it every single night, it’s so adorable.

What is not so adorable is the tough fight you put up when we are trying to put you to sleep! Silly babe.

You love swinging with Mommy on the swing. You laugh out loud the whole time.

You love playing with dirt. When we are watering the garden, and I’m holding you, you make this certain little grunt noise, telling us to put you down, so that you can play in the dirt.

You like to grab peoples faces when they are holding you, stabbing them with your sharp little nails. You have made me bleed quite a few times.

Now that you are mobile, you try to go after the dogs.

You have the most contagious laughter and the sweetest smile.

You make our lives so rich.

I love you, Squishy Girl.


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