The Night We Tried To Camp

Easter evening The Man had the most magical idea of camping in the back yard. So we got our tent that we had just used for the very first time the day before at the creek. We purchased this tent a whole year ago, that is how outdoorsy we are…

Well, we love to camp, rather the idea of camping, but we just never go through with our plans. We will take a real camping trip this summer. Really. Keep us accountable 😉

So The Man put on his working boots and got to work.

The Bundle “helped” set it up.

The Bundle being a big sister

I am in this phase where I’ve been taking pictures of my feet lately. Maybe it’s a way to include me in the memories, since I’m always the one behind the camera. “See, kids, I was there.”

This was quite the ordeal. First, a little background.

The Man’s brother has a big mastiff that has been staying at the house for a month, maybe longer. He stays in the front yard during the day, but we bring him inside at night. Mawni and Papa also have another dog, Tuffy, who is really old and thinks he’s tough. He sleeps in their room, but that night Mawni and Papa (The Man’s parents) were gone, so he fell asleep in the living room and would not go in “his” room. So, I couldn’t bring Tank in because Tuffy thinks he has to growl at him the whole time he is near him.

Well, it was time to go to bed, in the tent. The night was chilly, so nice. The girl were already asleep, and I was almost getting there, but Tank, would not stop barking in the front. I went inside the house, managed to get Tuffy in his room and brought Tank inside the house. There, problem solved.

I’m already dreaming, after tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable on that flat, hard surface, then I start hearing a dog barking. Again. Ugh.

“I think Tuffy is barking for us to get him out of the room,” I tell The Man, waking him up.

“No, it’s not him.” He says and keeps on snoring.

I doze off again and then realize that it’s coming from somewhere behind the house. Somebody else’s dog.

I can’t do it. I can’t continue our magical camping adventure. I wake The Man up again and tell him that I’m going inside the house, where it is quiet, and warm, and the bed is soft and comfy.

So at around three in the morning, we grab our pillows, blankets and babies and head back inside.

We will definitely take a real camping trip this summer.


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