Creek Trip

Hope you all had a great Easter and took time to thank God for his son Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross so that we might live. We had a beautiful, busy weekend! Saturday we went with my family to a creek in the desert and splashed around in the water and Sunday, after church we had some celebration here at The Man’s parents’ house, then that same evening we camped out in the back yard.

Before I tell you about our creek trip, let me make a confession. I have created a monster! A very time-consuming monster, this blog. I love blogging and sharing with you little snippets of our lives, but it’s so much work to edit and actually sit down and make a proper post. I don’t know what I really want to say, I’m not giving up this blog, but I may just take things slower for a while. Hope you understand, my little readers.


So here it is, our Creek Trip. It wasn’t a planned trip, my mom had tried to reach me on Friday night to ask us if we wanted to go with them, but I –as I often do — lost track of my phone, it turns out it was out in the garden. I discovered it Saturday morning and found the missing calls and text messages from my mom, anxiously telling me to call her. So I did and she invited and we agreed. And we went.

We arrived before any of the family, so I snapped some pictures of the beautiful desert in bloom.

The first thing we did when everyone finally came was eat, we enjoyed some delicious shrimp ceviche.

Then we walked down to the water, found ourselves a little beach and splashed around in the cold water.

As soon as I got in, I ran back out, it was freezing! The Curious Pumpkin, however, loved it.

And so did the Bundle.

The Pumpkin later enjoyed the feeling of sand, laying next to Daddy.

We had barely settled in, when my dad, Tata, convinced us all that we should walk up by the creek, near the mountain where he had once been. He told us of a really cool water pool, where the water came out of the rocks and it was the perfect place for diving and swimming. So we all gathered our stuff, and hauling them along we began, what we did not know would be a long, long  journey.

The sights were pretty along the way.

The Pumpkin fell asleep in Daddy’s arms.

On and on our journey went.  I was wearing flip flops, not your best shoes for walking on rocks.

And finally we were there, we just had to cross the water.

The Bundle, on Tata's shoulder.

The place was enchanting, there was a little stream of water flowing down from where the pool was. Everything was green, a rare sight in the desert.

The Bundle asked excitedly, “Are we in the jungle?!”

So, after some rock climbing, Tata was proudly at the top, about to check out the pool.

But, alas, it was not what it once was. “It’s so dry!” My dad shouted from the top and he came back down, disappointed in himself.

Despite the half mile hike in flip flops, carrying a blanket, a backpack and at times a very squishy baby, it was worth it. That little “jungle” was beautiful.

After a brief rest, we started walking back, then took another rest along the way.

Where The Bundle enjoyed more time in the water and The Pumpkin playing eating sand.

The Pumpkin and I

It was a fun Creek Trip.


2 thoughts on “Creek Trip

  1. GG Henry

    Siliva you are so talented withwords and your photos you should do a children’s book. you children are so blessed with all the memories that you are creating for them I thought that I had a lot of pictures (and I do) but I think you are running a close race with me, I love seeing them. Thanks The girls are so preciouis and I luv and miss you. luv grams gg

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