Hammock, thread and cherry on top

The breeze is slowly blowing, the sun is nice and golden, I have a baby on my lap and on a hammock we are gently swaying.

It can’t get better than this.

We were visiting my parents at “the farm”. Spending some time on our favorite spot, the hammock.

I love this time of year, the weather is perfect, if only it would last a bit longer.

The Pumpkin is getting so active, we have to watcher closely or she’ll work her way out!

It was one of those perfect “little” moments in life, you know, the ones that one by one, add up to be something big and wonderful in our lives. These little moments are like the thread holding together a garment; you may have great fabric, or wonderful pattern, but the thread, that thin strand, holds it all together, without it, it would all be meaningless.

There was even a great sunset. The perfect cherry on top.


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