Blame Her

Don’t be fooled.

Don’t let her sweet, innocent smile fool the best of you. She is ruthless, ferocious, fierce. She is the reason I haven’t blogged lately. She used to go to sleep at a consistent time every night – eight o’clock, to be precise – then something went off in her clever little mind, “Wait a minute, I have power, I have power to get what I want, and I will use that power. Bahahahah!”

And what does she want?

She wants to stay up late and party. She has done it the last few nights, she will complain, she will pretend to be falling asleep, nursing sweetly, cuddled up next to me, then BAM! She rolls over and scoots her little body all around the bed, cooing and smiling. So I try rocking her, back and forth, back and forth. Her eyes begin to close and just when I think I have won the battle, she arches her back and hangs herself upside down in my arms. And takes out the big guns: her sweet little smile. Knowing it has complete dominion of my poor self. And that’s it, the battle is over, because her smile is sweet and it overtakes me and I smile back and we rock back and forth, back and forth. Smiling, knowingly.

I am fooled.



One thought on “Blame Her

  1. Helena

    This made me giggle. My own little has yet to unleash her smile (being only 3 weeks old) but she will and then I will be 100% under her spell.


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