Bubble Girl

I don’t have much to say about this post. Only a warning, because it is the biggest picture-overload, yet. Sometimes I go a little over the top with my picture-taking, and this is a prime example. 105 pictures I took during this little “session”.


Believe it. It took me hours to sort through and and resize, crop, brigthen, lighten, shapern and all those fancy little editing words.



This, my friends, is a little girl blowing bubbles.

Or trying to…

Once in a while she would get one. Even if she had to turn the thing upside down.



The Pumpkin? She was admiring the wonderful works of her big sister.


Watching her every move.

“Hmm… why is this thing not working? Maybe if I poke my finger through it…”


So there you have it. The post about a Bubbly Girl.

The End.


2 thoughts on “Bubble Girl

  1. The snapping one

    Oh, you have some great shots there. And this is one of the main ways to get that one amazing picture – take a lot of them. It is what all these fancy highly paid photographers do.

    I have not been around in awhile, but I like all the play with photographs you have done lately.

  2. ss Post author

    Thank you, I have been shooting in manual for almost five months now, it is such a big difference. I love it! I also have realized that I have to do a bit of editing to get better results, most of the time I would just leave them SOOC. It’s a great compliment coming from you!


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