6 Months Old

My lady, my love, you are now 6 months old!

Happy half-birthday!

You are on the verge of crawling, you can get up on all fours and rock back and forth, trying so hard to go!

You have started babbling, it’s so cute to hear your little voice.

You enjoy going for walks with Mommy and Sister.

One night, Mommy was eating a sandwich while holding you, you reached over and took some artichokes out of my plate and put it straight in your mouth!

You made a face and spit it out. Silly Girl.

So, we let you start tasting new foods. You tried a bit of mango, avocado, and carrots. I also made you some oatmeal the other day.

You love food!

You still have no teeth, but you are still teething. You have been very grumpy the last few days, and have bitten Mama quite a few times, too!

You are so sweet and very smiley the rest of the time, though.

It’s such a pleasure getting to know you, my sweet little Pumpkin.





2 thoughts on “6 Months Old

    1. ss Post author

      Yes, my little squishy pumpkin is 6 months! Time is flying. We are having so much fun loving her yummy rolls šŸ˜‰


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