A collection of Red and Gold

It must be a photographer thing, or maybe just my thing, but either way, I love light. I love sunshine. I love the way the sun casts its shadow at certain times of the day, but most of all I love the radiant, golden light right before sunset. It makes ordinary objects glow. As if the sun is showing off, saying yes, I am going away for the night, but don’t forget me, look at the beautiful light show I am giving you. Yes, Mr. Sun, I love your light shows, but don’t take full credit. It’s God work. A wonderful masterpiece.

So when I saw these yellow leaves lit up in the most perfect golden light,swaying beside a delicious red building, I couldn’t help myself but attempt to capture the light show.


My attempt is weak, I cannot capture the beauty.


I hope you can forgive me, and use a little imagination and enjoy the light show.



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